Web guides for many different applications with state-of-the-art networking technology

 When producing textile webs, when producing tire cord or in paper and corrugated board production, web guides plays a central role. All these applications demand continuous alignment and accurate positioning of the web and precise winding results. 

Depending on the material, application and task, Erhardt+Leimer can offer many different systems for web guiding. The networking technology of these web guiding systems can fulfil the current technological requirements and is continually developed further for requirements that should occur. With the web guiding systems, Erhardt+Leimer not only ensures a constant web position during the production process, but also constant quality and economical production.

Web guiding

Width control

Positioning and follow-up control

Web guides corrugated

Web guiding and spreading

Felt and wire guiding systems

Tenter guider

Corrugated industry

Web cleaning

Felt and wire stretchers

Textile straightening system