Sensors Measuring with maximum precision

Together with its control systems, Erhardt+Leimer sells approx. 15,000 sensors per year in the different industries.

Due to the heterogeneity of the industries and, as a consequence, of the webs to be detected, a very wide range of sensors has been developed in the course of time, among which our sales staff are always able to find the perfect solution for our customers’ applications – whether it’s infrared, ultrasonic or color line sensors for reliable web edge or web center guiding.

For measurement of the web tension we offer various load cells, among them flange load cells, block load cells and measuring rollers as well as fabric tension sensors for measuring the fabric tension in paper machines.

Positioning Fast. Dynamic. Precise.

The challenge for E+L has always been finding solutions for web speeds between 10 m/min and 1,500 m/min to be used in the different market segments.

For this purpose E+L offers a brushless motor of the latest generation, developed and manufactured by E+L itself, with an integrated absolute encoder, setting new standards in terms of dynamics, maintenance and accuracy.

Networking / Diagnostics Integrated automation. Get connected.

The prerequisite for straightforward integration of our automation solutions is the possibility to realize all common connections to the customer’s machine. We therefore offer our customers all common interfaces and the data formats required around the world, such as

  • CAN
  • CANopen
  • ControlNet
  • DeviceNet
  • Profibus
  • Ethernet IP
  • etc.

A likewise decisive, critical factor of success concerning connections is the real-time transmission of the required information, which is a core requirement especially with processes that are difficult to control, at high speeds etc.

What E+L therefore expects from its solutions is that they do not only meet the requirements mentioned above, but also lead the way with features relevant for the future, such as self-reporting devices, global positioning, preventive maintenance etc.

Key Pads / User Interfaces Innovative operating concepts

Erhardt+Leimer offers a broad product range for the important human-machine interface, from digital inputs via key pads with and without fully graphical displays to multi-touch monitor user interfaces.

Furthermore we offer ultra-modern web-based operating concepts, from simple commissioning to service functions to complexity-reducing representations of challenging control processes.

Every year we sell several 1000 systems to our markets, which confirms the high customer acceptance level of our solutions.

Cameras The eyes of your production

For challenging control tasks the product families of the line and matrix cameras with CCD and C-MOS technology, developed by E+L, are very often used. Not only do they make it possible to detect edges with a much higher accuracy, but also to detect several events on the web simultaneously  – depending on the application – that can then be used for web guiding.

The detection of surface defects concerning the structure and color intensity tops off the enormous spectrum. In addition, laser-based measurements such as width, thickness and profile measurements are offered.


Bright field and dark field illumination, both continuous and as Xenon or LED flash with exposure times in the low microsecond range, allow for precise measuring technology, even at machine speeds of 1000 m/min and higher.