Systems for position control and follow-up control for more positional accuracy

The task of position control and follow-up control systems is to ensure permanent position control of tools such as doctor blades, suction nozzles, spatulas, marking devices and cutting devices. This is an investment that will pay for itself in a very short space of time. 



With follow-up control, the sensor and tool are mounted jointly on a linear guide. Here, the sensor detects the position of the web and thus determines the actual position value of the tool. This is compared with the target value and is output to the actuator as a correction signal. Through position control or follow-up control, the tool is always followed up with a constant distance to the guide reference.

Area of use

Follow-up controllers are used when processes such as coating or cutting must be executed with a constant distance to the web edge or a guide reference on the web.


The highest accuracy in position control is reached when the sensor and tool (doctor blade limitation) can be assembled in compact form on a linear unit. Edge detection takes place always in front of the tool, in the direction of web travel.