The Problem

A mere increase in generator output to improve the corona effect in the case of plastics, for instance, leads to a dead end. Low frequency generators, for example, would not be able to give a uniform output for long time leading to non uniform treatment. High thermal loads and degradation of polymer chains have a negative influence on the material and its adhesive properties. 'SOFTAL' chose a better way, the way of high frequency IGBT technology generators, & a superior electrode system.


Our Solution

With the development and patenting throughout the world of the multiblade electrode (MM type) SOFTAL made a breakthrough corona technology.
Only with this type of electrode (electrode blade units with floating, suspended blades)could the boundaries of surface effects relative to energy input & surface tension be overcome. At the same time it become possible to have back - free corona treatment. You can expect the most from the outcome of this new development.
With the SOFTAL multiblade system & high frequency. IGBT technology generators, you save energy, you increase your productivity & improve your quality.

Since 1991, Erhardt+Leimer India Private Limited manufactures Corona Treaters under the licence from Softal. Softal Corona & Plasma GmbH is a leading manufacturer of Corona treaters.

Erhardt+Leimer India Private Ltd is also a non-exclusive selling agent of AFS Entwicklungs- und Vertriebs GmbH for its range of Corona Treaters. It is also the Service representative of AFS in India.

Treating Station with Generator