The key to a high-quality coating application is precise and contactless basis weight measurement throughout the entire production process.


Based on ultrasound technology, the basis weight of a running web is accurately determined online and contactlessly. The detection of the basis weight is performed either with the aid of a traversing sensor head or, alternatively, with fixed sensor heads across the entire width of the web for 100% profile measurement. In addition, the thickness can also be calculated by entering the material-specific density.

Area of use

ELTIM basis weight measurement systems are used predominantly in flat extrusion and coating systems.


A basis weight measurement system is normally installed after a process for quality control. In coating systems, in order to calculate the correct material application it is necessary to measure both the substrate before the process and the coated product after the process.

Flächengewichtsmessung ELTIM von Erhardt+Leimer


1 = guide roller | 2 = basis weight measuring | 3 = transmitter | 4 = receiver | AB = operating width | NB = nominal width