Faster and more precise production processes with felt and wire guides


Many factors can interfere with the workings of felts and wires. Incorrect clothing positions impact significantly on paper production quality and quantities. Web guides and position controllers from Erhardt+Leimer eliminate these potential defects to ensure consistent clothing positioning during the production process.


Rollers that are at an angle to the direction of fabric travel cause the fabric to drift laterally. Here, the pivot point for the control roller is one of the two bearings at the ends The control roller is positioned at an angle around this point depending on the correction required. Mechanical or electrical regulating variable feedback delivers a stable closed-loop control circuit.

Area of use

Felt and wire guides are used to hold the clothing in the required position.


The positioning roller requires a feed length corresponding to around 2/3 of the clothing width. The outfeed length should be around 1/3 of the clothing width. The clothing must wrap around the positioning roller between 20° and 40°, with the infeed angle being less than or equal to the outfeed angle. The edge sensor should be positioned in the outfeed path as close as possible to the positioning roller.