Weft straightener ELSTRAIGHT mini

Product description
  • For use in sanforization and laminating systems, and ahead of printing machines 
  • One skew roller and one curved roller instead of three (ELSTRAIGHT standard version)
  • Correction of low-level residual warping
  • Increased speed, reliability of scanning and careful correction of the curved and skew warping via FFT filter technology and special control algorithms
Technical Specifications
Sensors 4–8 matrix cameras
Angular resolution  0.5 degrees

Straightening mechanism

Actuating travel for skew correction 


±140 mm with 1 skew roller

Actuating travel for bow correction ±130 mm with 3 curved rollers        
Roller diameter

101 mm (NW < 2600 mm)                    

114 mm (NW > 2600 mm)

Type of web Woven and knitted fabrics
Web width 900-3600 mm
Web speed 5-150 m/min
Web tension 20-1000 N
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +50 °C
Operating voltage 3x400 V, 50 Hz
Current consumption 3x4 A
Power consumption 1.5 kW
Protection class IP 54
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