Weft straightener ELSTRAIGHT Heavy Duty

Product description
  • Use in the carpet, denim, technical textile and modern home textile industries
  • More robust design and increased roller diameter than the standard ELSTRAIGHT version 
  • Reduction of the web throughput time to a minimum, thereby reducing the response time via a more compact design
  • System also offers the required accuracy and force for extremely high web tensions
Technical Specifications
Sensors 4–8 matrix cameras
Angular resolution  0.5 degrees
Straightening mechanism  
Actuating travel for skew correction  ±600 mm with 3 skew rollers
Actuating travel for bow correction ±300 mm with 3 curved rollers 
Roller diameter 168 mm
Type of web Carpet, denim, technical textiles
Web width 1500-5000 mm
Web speed 1-150 m/min
Web tension 100-4000 N
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +50 °C
Operating voltage 3x400 V, 50/60 Hz
Current consumption 12 A
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