Tube cutting system BTA25

Product description
  • Drop stitch matrix sensor detects the drop stitch using the transmitted light principle
  • Position the drop stitch under the sensor, press the Teach button and the sensor learns the guiding criterion ("Easy Teach" mode)
  • Rapid positioning of the drop stitch at the beginning of production through LED basket inner lighting
  • Stable closed loop with position, speed and current controller
  • The roller basket guarantees the minimum longitudinal tension for dry and wet tubes 
Technical Specifications
Type of web Tube-shaped knitted fabrics
Tube diameter 350-830 mm
Web width 1080-2600 mm
Cutting speed 1800 m/min
Web speed Max. 120 m/min depending on type of web
Web state Dry, spun dry, squeezed
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +50 °C
Operating voltage 200-254/ 346 - 440 V 50/60 Hz
Current consumption, rotary current motor 2.34/1.35 A 50 Hz
1.75/1.00 A 60 Hz
Protection class IP 54
Weight 60 kg
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