Spreading system (wet design) LG 05

Product description
  • Used for smoothing out longitudinal creases and folded-over/rolled-up edges on running textile webs in washing machines or steamers
  • Spreading device in flange design
  • Individually driven spreader rollers
  • Ambient temperature/conditions: +100 °C, moist/wet/saturated steam
Technical Specifications
Operating width AB 1600 to 3600 mm
Framework width GA (outside) AB + 406 mm
Web tension Max. 1000 N
Ambient temperature  +0 °C bis +100°C
Operating conditions Damp, wet, saturated steam
Turning speed of spreading rollers approx. 250/300 rpm
Supply voltage  220-480 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Protection class IP 54
Basic material Stainless steel V4A
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