Motorized selvedge opener LA 84

Product description
  • Four motorized threaded spindles for spreading woven fabrics and rolled knitted fabrics
  • Reinforced spreading effect through three threaded spindles for the web edge rolled downwards
  • Adjustable wrapping through the first swiveling threaded rod
  • Assembly also in tight spaces due to raised motor
Technical Specifications
                                                                                                                                                                                          Motor connection Three-phase alternating current
200-254/ 346-440 V, 50 Hz
200-254/ 346-440 V, 60 Hz
Other voltages on request
Motor power consumption 0.18 kW
Motor rotational speed  1390 rpm
Protection class  IP 54
Spindle length  255 mm
Spindle rotational speed approx. 1000 rpm
Spindle material  Stainless steel
Ambient temperature  +60 °C/ max. +80 °C (short-time)
Weight  approx. 15 kg
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