Line scan camera OL 91

Product description
  • Used to detect various criteria for web guiding
  • Complete image processing within the camera
  • Monochrome CCD line chip with 6144 pixels
  • Measuring accuracy: ±0,1 mm
  • High-end solution for surface inspection and missing skin detection
Technical Specifications
Quantity Pixel  6144 
Resolution in sub-pixels 8-times sub-pixel rendering 
Lens f= 50 mm 
Minimum distance to web 500 mm 
Active chip length 43 mm 
Spectral maximum 660 nm 
Weight 2.0 kg
Protection class IP 54  
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +55 °C 
Dimensions (camera) 197x135x171 mm 
Operating voltage, nominal value Operating voltage, nominal value
Operating voltage, nominal range 20 to 30 V DC
Power consumption 16 W
Operating system Linux
Soft-PLC optional 
Application software optional 
Measuring accuracy ±0.1 mm 
Scan rate Up to 10 kHz
Interfaces 1 Gbit Ethernet/100 Mbit Ethernet/Encoder/I/O
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