Infrared broadband sensor FE 46

Product description
  • For use as a digital broadband sensor for web center/web edge detection and width measurement up to a maximum operating width of 3800 mm in the textiles, corrugated cardboard and tire industry
  • Scanning of the web edges via infrared light
  • High immunity to transparency fluctuations and external light
  • Protective tubes made of Plexiglas for dry and moist operation and made of glass for wet areas
Technical Specifications
Receiver/transmitter distance 160 mm
Operating voltage, nominal value 24 V DC

Operating voltage, nominal range 

(ripple included)

20-30 V DC
Current consumption Max. 0.2 A
Ambient temperature +0 °C to +60 °C 
Storage temperature +0 °C to +85 °C
Operating width AB Up to 3800 mm 
Measuring range Depends on version 
Width measurement accuracy "Premium" ±2 mm (depends on the condition of the web edge)
Web position Between the transmitter and receiver 
Max. height fluctuation ±10 mm 
Max. sensor cable length 25 m
Protection class Max. IP 54 with suitable connector inserted 
Weight Approx. 15 kg (AB 1600 mm), approx. 30 kg (AB 3200 mm)
Scan rate 200 Hz
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