Generator CG 90XX Series

Product description
  • Operation: User friendly. Only from start-stop button & digital potentiometer. 
  • Operator Setting: All settings using digital potentiometer & push button. 
  • Diagnostic Message: Up to 100 messages with date and time of day can be displayed. 
  • Operating Memory: The last 100 operator actions with date and time of day can be called up. 
  • Digital Measurement: Digital readout for frequency, power, current, duty cycle, speed, temp. etc. 
  • Automatie Adjustment: Automatie adjustment of power incase of mismatch. 
  • Early Warning System: Prevents production interrupt e.g. by bearing over temperature. 
  • Web Break Monitor: With programmable cut-of speed (m/min., f/min.) to inhibit production below the speed. 
  • Power Limit: Min. and max. power limit setting available. 
  • Roll Speed: Rotation control can be switched ON and OFF and shut down speed is adjustable. 
  • Alarm: Configurable digital output for different alarms. 
  • Auto Test Mode: Generator seif test without station to check hardware 
  • Auto Re-start: When discharge is on and electrode assembly is open, it will show message:"Electrode opeh "Automatie restart". This will restart automatically when it gets closed within set time. 
  • Emergency: Emergency, it will not allow any function to start. 
  • Ozone Extraction: lnterlock to prevent system to start without ozone blower in healthy condition. 


Optional Features    

  • Proportional Power Control: Generator power control automatically proportional to machine speed. Available adjustable min./max. power limit for feature. 
  • Proportional(A WDC): Constant dose (Wmin / m2) control over the min. to max. speed. 
  • DCR Control Wet Restart: Range of intermittent is available to work for even discharge 
  • Wet Restart: Adjustable automatic restart incase of wet conditions. 
Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage  3 x 380 / 400 / 415 / 400 / 460 v 50 / 60 Hz without neutral. 
Power Capacity  8 kW, 9 kW, 10 kW, 12 kW 
Operating Frequency  15 - 50 kHz 
Generator Size  760 x 600 x 350 mm. 
Display  4 lines multi-functional LCD display 
Internal Control  Using 16 bit Fugitsu controller 
Output Stage  Double bridge IGBT 
Programming  Programming & setting using PC using RS 232 connection