FS 4105/4205 (white light) Light transmitter

Product description
  • Compact LED light transmitter for the acquisition of material webs in conjunction with CCD line scan cameras
  • With matt glass cover for transmitted light mode and clear glass cover for incident light mode
  • Even light distribution and increased light intensity thanks to upstream cylindrical lens
  • Straightforward assembly by means of integrated slots in the aluminum profile
  • Flexible application due to graduation into 15 length variants
Technical Specifications
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Nominal range 22 to 28 V DC
Current consumption 0.7 A
Wavelength of LEDs 529 nm (440-580)
Luminance with transmitted light 700 cd/m²
Light field width incident light 12 mm at 100 mm 
Service life > 50000 h (at an ambient temperature > 40° C and a nominal operating voltage of 24 V DC)
Ambient temperature 0 °C to +50 °C (at ambient temperatures > 40 °C additional cooling is required)
Protection class Max. IP 54 with suitable connector inserted 
Weight 270 g (for base module, length 166.5 mm); 230 g (for each additional length step)
Dimensions 35x49,5xL  mm
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