Follow-up controll system VSS50

Product description
  • Positioning and follow-up control system for spreaders, suction nozzles, cutting or marking devices as well as edge lifters
  • Position detection with ultrasonic, infrared or line sensor
  • Digital position controller to activate the motor adjustment
  • Precise linear guide with a motorized carriage
Technical Specifications
Positional accuracy ±0.2 mm (material-dependent)
Nominating actuating travel 200-3000 mm (gradation 100 mm)
Nominating actuating speed 1-100 mm/s (adjustable)
Nominal support load FT 250 N
Nominal actuating force 300 N
Nominal torque M1 40 Nm
Nominal torque M2 35 Nm
Nominal torque M3 120 Nm
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +50 °C
Operating voltage  
Nominal value 24 V DC
Nominal range 20-30 V DC, 50/60 Hz
Nominal range with power supply 3.4 A DC (per positioning drive)
Incremental encoder resolution 0.06 mm/ increment
Basic element with 200 mm actuating travel  7.5 kg
Per 100 mm  0.45 kg
Protection class IP 54
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