Fabric tension controller DC 04/DC 24

Product description
  • Highly compact fabric tension controller with integrated, digital inputs and outputs
  • Three-point controller for the actuation of a three-phase motor/solenoid valve
  • CAN bus technology makes time-consuming wiring effort unnecessary, instead there are simple connectors
  • Software download via CAN bus
  • Set-up operation integrated onto the control card
  • Digital and analog input and output modules can be connected via SPI bus (Serial Peripheral Interface)
Technical Specifications
Cycle time  10 ms
Digital inputs
Input voltage for signal “0”
Input voltage for signal “1”
Input current
16x floating
0 to 3 V DC
10 to 30 V DC max.
10 mA per input 
Digital outputs
Output voltage for signal “1”
Output current per output 
16x floating and short-circuit proof
Supply voltage

CAN bus level
CAN baud rate

+5 V (floating)
250 kBaud
Operating voltage
Nominal value
Nominal range

24 V DC
20 to 30 V DC 
Current consumption  0,5 A
Ambient temperature  +10 to +50 °C
Protection class/Dimensions (LxWxH)/Weight
Top-hat rail mounting to DIN EN 50022
with housing

IP 00 / 410x111x70 mm / 0,8 kg
IP 54 / 300x150x80 mm / 2,8 kg
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