ELCorruMatic WarpMeter | Process Control Analysis

Product description

With quality assurance being such an important part of any production process, the ELCorruMatic Warp Meter has been developed to enable measurement and recording of the flatness of corrugated sheets produced at the end of the corrugating process. Measurement of sheet flatness also helps to ensure that the over-riding importance of ‘finished box performance’ is achieved.

Only by recording the cross-machine board shape of sheets produced on the corrugator and subsequent performance tests of the finished box can it be determined if the corrugated sheets were produced correctly.
The ELCorruMatic Warp Meter allows total transparency of this key objective, whether sheets are converted internally, or sold to a third party convertor. 

The ELCorruMatic Warp Meter utilises the latest laser technology to ensure an accurate, reliable measurement of board shape, regardless of the harsh environments associated with the production of corrugated sheets, such as temperature, steam and vibration.

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  • Finished Box Performance Analysis
  • Programmeable Board Shape Alarms
  • Corrugator Control System Compatible
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