Command station DO 33

Product description

The command station DO 33.. permits convenient, intuitive commissioning and operation of a web guider in combination with the actuating drive AG 9. It is also the central connection point for all control components The control elements on the DO 33.. combine the capabilities of familiar pushbutton operation with innovative touch technology and assist operators by means of the integrated graphic user interface.


  • Sensor selection
  • Determination of guiding set point
  • Web offset
  • Oscillation
  • Selection of the operation mode (automatic, center and manual mode)
  • Setting the gain and actuating speed
  • Graphic commissioning wizard
  • Additional web functionality for expert settings and service
Technical Specifications
Operating voltage
Nominal value
Nominal range

24 V DC
20 to 30 V DC (ripple included)
Current consumption  6 A (with AG 91)
8 A (with AG 93)
Ambient temperature  0 °C to +60 °C
Housing dimensions  135,5 x 135,5 x 100 mm 
Cut-out for panel mounting  124 x 124 mm 
Sensor connections
Edge sensor
Line sensor 

2 x M8 SensorCAN
1 x M8 SensorCAN
Interface to the actuating drive Interface to the actuating drive 
Data exchange
Operating voltage 

1 x M8 Ethernet
1 x M12
Interface to the customer's machine 12 digital inputs
2 digital outputs
1x Ethernet M8 for fieldbus (DO 3311 only)
Display 1/4 VGA (320x240), 16 colors LED
Background lighting 
Command station Touchscreen and buttons
Protection class IP 54
Weight Approx. 0.6 kg