Command station DO 20 (felt and wire guide)

Product description
  • User interface with easy to use plain text display
  • Structured graphic of the CAN network
  • Easy “Set up Editor” for setting the parameters on initial commissioning
  • Indication of the actual positions of the edge sensor and actuator as well as deviation on the actuator’s mechanical middle position
  • Indication of error messages
  • Multiple operation of a maximum of eight control systems
  • As an option, operation can be completely locked using a key switch
  • Network including the parameters for all users can be saved in the command station as a “Back up”.
Technical Specifications
Nominal operating voltage
Operating voltage nominal range
24 V DC
20 to 30 V DC 
Current consumption 200 mA DC  
Ambient temperature +10 to +50 °C
Serial interface (CAN bus) level
Serial interface (CAN bus) transmission rate
5 V DC
250 kBaud 
Front panel installation kit
Cut-out for installation kit
With housing for field use

152 x 138.4 mm
121 x 111.5 mm
180 x190 x 95 mm
Protection class installation kit (installed)
Protection class with housing for field use
IP 54
IP 54
Weight DO 2000
Weight DO 2001
0.55 kg
1.3 kg
Language for prompts German, English, French,
Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Product downloads

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  • Data Sheet
  • Brochure ELSTRETCHER
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