CCD camera OL 82

Product description
  • CCD line scan camera for the acquisition of guiding criteria on moving webs. Can be used for position acquisition, web guiding, material detection and width measurement
  • Interference-free detection of web edges
  • Wide range of applications, as up to 32 events can be detected in the measuring range at the same time
  • High degree of flexibility due to choice of lenses with a focal length of 28 or 50 mm
  • Monochrome CCD array chip with 5150 pixels; plus 8-fold sub-pixel evaluation referred to the measuring range
  • Precise position output in 1/100 mm
  • The short exposure time and the fast evaluation permit complete scanning of the web. As a consequence it is also possible to detect
Technical Specifications
Number of pixels 5150
Resolution into sub-pixels 8-fold sub-pixeling
Lens f = 28/50 mm
Minimum distance to the web 300 mm (lens f = 28 mm)
500 mm (lens f = 50 mm)
Relative measuring accuracy +/- 0,02 %
Cycle time  0.6 ms, 1 camera
1.2 ms, 2 cameras
Active chip length  36.05 mm
Spectral range  400 to 850 nm
Spectral maximum 500 nm
Interface to the camera computer APIX
Distance camera - camera computer max. 10 m
Weight  1.0 kg
Protection class IP 54 (when connected)
Ambient temperature +10 bis +50 °C
Dimensions  Camera Ø 88 x 141 mm
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