Camera computer DO 8221

Product description
  • Powerful processor with 1 GByte RAM and 4 GByte memory 
  • Web-based management for simple commissioning and operation 
  • Two E+L Full CAN interfaces for connecting E+L sensors 
  • Optionally with Masterlogic for additional customer functions e.g. tire building, calenders 
  • Full E+L system network functionality including integration into the customer network 
  • Plug-in dongle for copy protection of software function modules 
  • Data exchange with high transmission rate due to direct Ethernet connections to customer networks 
  • Connection of up to 2 OL 82 CCD cameras via APIX interface with 500 MBit/s 
Technical Specifications
Operating voltage
Nominal value
Nominal range

24 V DC
20 to 30 V DC
Power consumption < 600 mA (incl. 2 cameras)
Interfaces 2 x E+L Full CAN, M16
1 x Ethernet M8 (currently no function)
2 x Ethernet M12
2 x Ethernet RJ 45
2 x APIX für OL 82
2 x Encoder (HTL)
Protection class max. IP 54 when plugged in,
additional protective cover
Storage temperature -25 °C bis +80 °C
Ambient temperature +10 °C bis +50 °C
Humidity 50 % bis 95 % (without condensation)
Dimensions (LxWxH) (without cover) 240 x 170 x 86,5 mm
Weight (without cover) 3,0 kg