Bridge web guider CORRALIGNER

Product description
  • Fully automated web guiding control
  • Precise guiding of the single faced webs after unlooping
  • Excellent lamination result by master/slave guiding
  • Integrated stabilization, unlopping and web guiding system
  • Available with many optional extras
  • Standalone system or in combination with the web tension control TensionMaster
  • Compact design
  • Various types available
  • Compatible with the E+L system network for process automation ELCorruMatic

Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Reduced Alignment Waste
  • Reduced Trim / Increased Deckel Utilisation
  • Increased Corrugator Productivity
  • Increased Finished Box Performance
Technical Specifications
Max. Machine Speed 500 m/min
Max. Paper Width 3300 mm
Max. Paper Weight ~800 gsm per single faced web 
Guiding Accuracy at the Exit of System +/- 1mm
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