200% inspection system SMARTSCAN

Product description
  • Camera system for 200% inspection on printing and finishing machines in label applications and narrow-web applications
  • Safe defect detection through special LED illumination concept
  • Suitable for paper labels and for transparent and clear-on-clear labels and glossy films
  • Defect classification, such as missing label, unremoved matrix, splice, flag, print error, hole
  • Simple system integration (no external technician required)
  • Time-saving and fast operating concept (1-button setup)
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Additional Features
  • SMARTSCAN 4K – Higher resolution for even more detailed defect detection
  • SMARTSCAN UV – For inspection of fluorescent colors, varnish and other UV applications
  • Report Manager – PDF report for documentation of the inspected rolls
  • PDF comparison – Comparison of the camera reference image (Golden Template) with the PDF print template for detection of errors in the printing plate, incorrectly chosen printing plates, or for checking foreign languages and character sets
  • Surface inspection – For inspection of unprinted materials
  • Image storage function – Save any part of an image
  • Distance measurement function – In-line measurement of distances, positions, pattern repeat lengths, or the web width
  • Pinhole module – For improved detection of holes with special 200% inspection technology
  • Code module – For reading bar codes and 2D codes
  • And much more...
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Technical Specifications
Web width 170 mm (7") / 250 mm (10") / 350 mm (14") / 450 mm (18") / 530 mm (22")
Field of view 180 mm / 260 mm / 360 mm/ 460 mm / 560 mm
Camera resolution 2K / 4K
Chip RGB (color)
Max. speed  500 m/min
Max. web offset ±10 mm
Operating system  Windows 7 Embedded
Monitor  21.5“ LED touchscreen (HD resolution)
Operating voltage 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Current consumption  3.5 A
Temperature range +0 °C to +45 °C
Protection class IP 20
Voltage for inputs/outputs 24 V DC
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