Coronavirus - Business activities of Erhardt+Leimer India Private Limited

Dear customers and suppliers,

Like most of you, Erhardt+Leimer India Private Limited has shut down its operations till April 14, 2020 to comply with the National Lock down announced by the Government. However Sales, Service and a few other management personnel from purchase and administration are available to provide online support to you during the lock down period.

E+L India management wishes all of you to stay healthy and stay safe.

Production could be partially resumed on 27 April 2020.

We take the threat posed by the SARS-CoV-2 virus very seriously and have taken precautionary measures to provide the best possible protection for all employees in our corporate group.

Management and Human Resources can be contacted internally by employees via a dedicated e-mail address for any questions regarding Covid-19 measures. Every Monday, all employees are informed about developments in the company, in Germany and worldwide on the specially set up FAQ page in the intranet.

Disinfectant is available at the individual operating sites and the frequency of cleaning the work areas has been increased. Until further notice, all business trips are suspended. For further information, please refer to the details for the respective countries. The employees of the Service and Sales departments can be reached by our customers by mail and telephone as usual. Additional security measures have been introduced in German production, but this will not lead to delays in order processing.

Country situation

Each of our subsidiaries carefully implements country-specific measures to ensure that our employees are properly protected and that we remain accessible to our customers. You will find the situation in the individual countries in the following overview.



Erhardt+Leimer has issued protective measures for all plants and subsidiaries in Germany in the course of the measures ordered by the federal and corresponding state governments. The administration and production departments at the headquarters in Augsburg and the Corrugated Division in Bielefeld are working from home if possible. All contact persons of the sales divisions and our service technicians can be reliably reached by our customers.


Loosened restrictions apply, currently there is no new period available regarding contact and exit restrictions. All administrative and service staff are available and working from home if possible. They can be reached as usual.


Our production and offices in Italy are open in compliance with the reinforced protocol due to the current health emergency: 
we are working respecting all hygiene rules and with the necessary protective tools to protect people who work with us. 


The Spanish government has relaxed the strict curfew until probably the end of June. All employees can be reached via e-mail at home.


The British government has declared Erhardt+Leimer England to be an important industrial company and the employees are allowed to work in the office despite the curfew. In order to ensure the safety of those present and to maintain a safe distance, 50% of the workforce is alternately working from home and 50% in the office at all times.


The Romanian government has relaxed the strict exit restrictions. You can reach our local employees as usual by phone or e-mail.



The situation has returned to normal in recent weeks and the shutdown has been lifted. The borders are still closed and entry is currently not possible. Erhardt+Leimer China still has no Covid-19 cases and has therefore returned to normal office operations. Production is running again without interruption and employees of the sales force and the service department are under certain conditions allowed to go on business trips within China.


Korea has not imposed any exit restrictions on its citizens and the number of infection cases is currently declining. As a precautionary measure, Erhardt+Leimer Korea has sent all administrative staff to work from home; the department heads are currently working in the office. The field service teams and the service technicians make unrestricted visits to customers, but they require the approval of the supervisor for trips to high-risk areas.


In India, currently relaxed output restrictions apply and production by our subsidiary was partially resumed on April 27, 2020. Our customers can continue to rely on digital support from the sales and service departments.


The situation in Taiwan has largely stabilized. The staff can be reached as usual and work in the premises of Erhardt+Leimer Taiwan. There are no delays whatsoever in the course of operations.


The administrative staff was able to return to normal office work in compliance with the prescribed safety procedures. The sales and service staff members are able to work partially on site at the customers' premises.


The Japanese government has lifted the exit restrictions for all of its cities. Some employees can still be reached in the home office, but the majority of the workforce has returned to regular office work.



The initial restrictions in the USA have been loosened. The government has declared Erhardt+Leimer Inc. to be an important commercial enterprise and under this premise employees are allowed to remain in the office during a curfew.

Currently, the staff is both working from home and in the premises of Erhardt+Leimer, but business trips are still not permitted at present. 

The production is not affected at the moment and all orders can be processed according to plan.


The curfew imposed in Brazil has severely restricted operations since calendar week 11. The workforce is currently working from home and reachable from Monday to Thursday. The office is not manned on Fridays until further notice.