Cosmetic towel and paper handkerchief production

During the production of cosmetic towels and paper handkerchiefs, high-performance web guides and web tension control systems, including the appropriate sensors, are essential for efficient production. Our control system offers you all the benefits of a tried and trusted solution – compact, networkable and usable as an edge or center controller in each production step. The E+L system stands out through its high availability and rapid changeover when things get tight. Dry and moist dusts have no effect on the sensors or mechanics of the system. And the best thing is: The whole package is available at a sensationally low price!

PRODUCT OVERVIEW for cosmetic towel and paper handkerchief production

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The Battery Show Europe | Stuttgart, Germany

28th June 2022 - 30th June 2022

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Zellcheming | Wiesbaden, Germany

29th June 2022 - 01st July 2022

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