Innovative web guiding technology for different industries

Erhardt+Leimer has specialized in system solutions and automation technology on moving webs since 1919. The long-term experience, coupled with the innovative spirit of the company has brought forward all kinds of solutions for different industries over the almost 100 years in the field of web guiding technology.

More efficient production processes

The requirements for the production of web-type materials are universal to all industries: High machine speeds, low waste levels, high standard of quality. To meet these requirements, reliable measuring and control systems are required, ensuring controlled webs.

Erhardt+Leimer can offer the ideal solution for every industry and every material. It doesn't matter whether it is for the packaging, drinks, wood, construction, chemicals, electronics, tool, film, aluminum, tissue or automotive industry. Continuous further development and the new development of innovations guarantee products with the highest technological standard for our customers.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW for other industries