In 1987 Erhardt+Leimer in Bielefeld became a separate limited company in the E+L group and, over the past decades, has established itself in a challenging market segment. Since 1 January 2020, the company has been part of the E+L Group as the global business area "E+L Corrugated Division".

The company is a leading specialist for innovative products for the control and process automation of corrugated plants. The core business is the optimization and improvement of the quality and productivity of corrugated board production, while reducing waste significantly at the same time.

The focus is on continuous product development and product innovations for the continuously changing and ever more challenging market of the corrugated industry. The latest technologies guarantee better performance, complete flexibility in production, significantly reduced operating costs, less complexity and improved reliability.


E+L offers system solutions for web guiding/web tension control up to and including the automatic adjustment/configuration of all important production parameters for intelligent automation and greater production efficiency. This product portfolio is supplemented with innovative inspection systems for corrugated board production and processing. The latest development is SmartLine, a workflow concept for processing digitally printed rolls.

Erhardt+Leimer systems - that is rationalization, automation and quality assurance in the corrugated industry. So that the system solutions meet the individual requirements of international customers in the corrugated industry, the solutions consist of multifunctional, modular units.


The global market presence of Erhardt+Leimer for the corrugated industry is coordinated centrally in Bielefeld, supported by a decentralized sales organization. Through its cooperation with international subsidiaries and trade representatives in all the key industrial nations, Erhardt+Leimer ensures local proximity to the customer.


Erhardt+Leimer Corrugated Division has been your specialist for innovative products for control and process automation of corrugators for over 30 years. Our system solutions help the customers to design their production processes efficiently in order to manufacture the best possible corrugated board quality, to increase the productivity of the machine and to guarantee the optimum, defect-free quality of the final product.

A team of qualified specialists under the management of Ralf Schomaker ensures continuity and constant further development in order to jointly meet the high demands of our customers.



E+L Group


E+L Group


Head of Corporate Business Unit Corrugated
COO Corrugated Division

Worldwide Service Always there, when you need us

We place great emphasis on service. With a dense service network in all the key industrial nations, we are able to offer you a comprehensive range of service - from remote maintenance through to personal, onsite support. Simple, uncomplicated and whenever you need us. 

You can find an overview of our service stations in your area in our location overview.

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by Phone

Monday to Wednesday:    07:30 am - 4:15 pm
Thursday:   07:30 am – 3:45 pm
Friday:  07:30 am – 1.15 pm

Phone:  +49 (0)521 – 9 42 72 0

by Email

Service:  [email protected]
Sales:  [email protected]


The E+L Service Packs Flexible and tailored to market needs


Whether advice, training, commissioning or maintenance - the service packs from Erhardt+Leimer guarantee optimum support for your product. Your requests, ideas and requirements are always at the heart of this. Thus, we can help you to exploit all the options and benefits of your E+L product efficiently.

Our service packs:

  • Commissioning service (incl. instruction of the customer's personnel)
  • Maintenance service
  • Assembly support (Supervisor)
  • Hotline service (through qualified Customer Services technician on the telephone or via remote service) 
  • Training service (single or multi-day individual on-site training courses or at E+L for assembly and service technicians)
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Service-Tools Spatial distance to you – we bridge the difference!

The availability and productivity of your systems every time is our major concern. Thus we work on a proactive maintenance.

Should one of our systems not work to your satisfaction, we can solve the problem in most cases efficiently, cost-effective and responsive via Remote access.  Even extensive analysis options, changes or optimization of parameters, software updates and more can be solved comfortably.

The ethernet-capable E+L systems can be maintained worldwide by means of universal solutions of MB Connect.

Our system solutions for your corrugator

Learn more about our products in the animated 3D corrugator: 


Or gain an initial overview of our system solutions and their main benefits below. 

Corrugator Wet End

Paper Guiding Systems


Bridge Guiding System

Automatic Alignment at the Double Backer Lamination Point

       Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Reduced Alignment Waste
  • Reduced Trim / Increased Deckel Utilisation
  • Increased Corrugator Productivity
  • Increased Finished Box Performance

Single Facer Guiding System

Automatic Alignment of the Flute and Liner Papers

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Reduced Alignment Waste
  • Reduced Trim / Increased Deckel Utilisation
  • Full Width Starch Application
  • Reduced Machine Stop Time

Dual Guiding System 

Full width deckel created from two papers

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Optimisation of low cost Paper Reels
  • Simultaneous Production of two Pre-print Orders
  • ELTRAC Function for Standard Production

Web Tension


Bridge Brake System

Automatic tension control of the single faced webs

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Increased Conversion Productivity
  • Consistent Product Quality
  • Corrugator Control System Compatible
  • Low Maintenance

Compensating Roller

Equal Heat Transfer Due to Equalised Cross Tension 

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Increased Finished Box Performance
  • Automatic Operation
  • Negligible Maintenance Input

Corrugator Dry End

Guiding Systems


Slitter Scorer Guiding System

Automatic and Continuous Positioning of the Slitter Scorer

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Automatic Pre-Print Recognition
  • Minimum Trim Capability 
  • Elimination of Tail Out Waste
Belt Guiding System

Accurate Guiding of the Top and Bottom Double Backer Belts.

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Extended Belt Life
  • Reduced Belt Maintenance
  • Low Maintenance System

Sheet Cleaning System


Dust Removal System

Contactless Cleaning of Corrugated Sheets

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Increased Post print Quality
  • Increased Conversion Productivity
  • Improved Facility Cleanliness

Corrugator Automation

Process Control Systems

ELCorruMatic CSM

Process Control System

Corrugator Splice Management

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Increased Corrugator Productivity
  • Increased Conversion Productivity
  • Increased finished Box Performance
ELCorruMatic RSM

Process Control System

Roll Stock Management

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Live Paper Stock Update
  • Increased Inventory Control
  • Prevention of incorrect Paper Usage
ELCorruMatic CCM

Process Control System

Corrugator Control Management

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Increased corrugator productivity
  • Increased conversion productivity
  • Increased Finished box performance
ELCorruMatic WarpMeter

Process Control System

Process Control Analysis

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Finished Box Performance Analysis
  • Programmeable Board Shape Alarms
  • Corrugator Control System Compatible

Digital Pre-Print Control Systems

SmartLine CORR

Digital Pre-Print Work Flow Control System

Order Specific Data Decoded From a Digitally Pre-printed Guiding Line

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Highly Reliable Print Registered Dry End Order Change
  • Automatic Print Waste Removal
  • Live Order Production Data
  • Wet End Order Change

Quality Assurance Systems


Quality Assurance System

Verification of Print to Die Cut Registration 

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Performance Accuracy Data Logging
  • Quality Deviation Analysis
  • Programmeable Tolerance Warnings

Quality Assurance System

Verification of Cross Cut to Print Registration

     Our Systems - Your Benefits

  • Performance Accuracy Data Logging
  • Quality Deviation Analysis
  • Programmeable Tolerance Warnings