Erhardt+Leimer Inc., USA

The Erhardt+Leimer Group has been active on the American market through various trade representatives since 1960. E+L Inc. was founded in Spartanburg S.C. in 1976.  In 1978, the company bought the majority stake in GWD General Web Dynamics Rockford. From this point on, the E+L Group was represented on the American market through two subsidiaries: Whilst E+L Inc. Spartanburg covered the textiles industry, the non-textiles market was represented through GWD Rockford.

E+L Inc. received ISO 9000 certification in 1996 and the E+L subsidiaries began production of the E+L Bielefeld products for the American corrugated cardboard industry.

In 2015, E+L Inc. assumed the direct management and market responsibility for the Canadian and Mexican subsidiaries.


Erhardt+Leimer Inc.
350 Tucapau Road
Duncan, S.C. 29334; USA
Phone:  +1 864 486 3000
[email protected]

Erhardt+Leimer Do Brasil LTDA., Brazil

E+L Brazil was founded in Sao Paulo in 1974 and was one of the first E+L subsidiaries in the world. The strong growth of the Brazilian economy allows ELB to erect its own factory building in Guarulhos in 1983, next to today's international airport. A high level of added value in the country allowed the company to be the core supplier to the Brazilian textiles industry.

The opening of the Brazilian market from 2000 onwards applied heavy external pressure on the Brazilian economy, causing deep structural changes.

In 2014, as part of the adaption process of the Brazilian economy, ELB moved into a new building in the Av Santos Dumon in Guarulhos and now, with 20 employees, can offer sales and service for the entire South American market.


Erhardt+Leimer do Brasil Ltda.
Avenida Santos Dumont 1382
07220-000 Guarulhos-Sâo Paulo, Brazil
Phone:  +55 11 24642250
[email protected]

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